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Meet The Team

Board of Directors

This Foundation is governed by a board of unpaid volunteers, each elected for a permanent term unless resigned.

The board meets face to face once a year at their own expense, to conduct the business of the Foundation. The board members also hold certain key offices and meet as defined by the foundations bylaws to provide input into the continuity of operations.

Our Team.
Our Community Pledge.

We are one team, and one family united in our desire to help others in the sickle cell community. 

Our Journey with Sickle Cell and Beta thalassemia began when we found out that our little boy tested positive for sickle cell anemia. 

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Jessica Brown

Founder & President

Jessica has an extensive background in Business development, marketing, and communications. 

She received her formal education from George Mason University with a focus on Communications, conflict analysis and journalism. She serves as the spokesperson for Agape Roots Foundation. She is a self-published author, amateur photographer, social media account manager and an advocate for sickle cell warriors, starting with her son. In her free time, she watches classic films, and loves reading. 

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Chadwick Purchas Jr.

VP Information Technology

Chadwick Purchas Jr. has an extensive background in sales and technology support. Trained in Information technology, and mobile phone support. He is currently a student at Full Sail University and protects the infrastructure of Agape Roots Foundation from Cyber threats.

In his free time, he enjoys watching drag racing and spending time with his family.

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Julissa Brown

VP Executive Secretary

Julissa Brown is currently a student at Barry University she has an extensive background in nursing. She serves as the secretary and medical writer for the Agape Roots Foundation and assists in interpreting medical journals for content. 

In her spare time, she enjoys trying new things and spending time with her loved ones.

Arlene Brown 

VP of Operations

Arlene Brown has an extensive medical background as well as a background in accounting, business, and shipping and logistics. 

She coordinates events and organizes the overall day to day operations of Agape Roots Foundation. 

In her spare time, she enjoys mediating on the word of God, gardening, reading and watching a good movie.

We created this non-profit to become a catalyst for change. The battle against sickle cell anemia is many times fought in solitude, for our son and for others like him who will one day lead this fight. We will carve the path towards new ideas, holistic wellness, clinical solutions, and genetic awareness together.


Most of all we want to encourage sickle cell warriors, you are not a mistake, God loves you and sent you into this world exactly as you were meant to be. Your challenges have shaped you into champions, and we are all blessed to be able to witness you making your mark.


We are here to be a part of your tribe. 

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