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 Stories Written to Raise awareness for Sickle Cell Anemia

Introducing Author Jessica Brown and her debut children's book 'O' My G: Discovering Me, the first book in the O My G book series that is dedicated to raising awareness for sickle cell disease. 

10% of Proceeds from every purchase goes to supporting the fight to raise awarness and support the sickle cell community. Visit to purchase a book and follow their journey

More about the Author

" 'O' My G is a series of imaginative stories that sheds light on the world of those born different and takes you on the adventurous tale of one little boy who paints his most difficult differences in an uplifting light. 

The 'O' My G: Book Series is inspired by Gabriel, the spunky, energetic, courageous little toddler in the authors life. The first book, 'Discovering Me' takes readers on the journey of Gabriel and his parents as they navigate receiving the diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease. 

This book encourages hope, faith, inspiring others to ask questions, and learning to appreciate the differences they learn about others.

We are all different and unique by design, but sometimes you may find out that your differences are the same as mine.

The first book in the series, 'Discovering Me' teaches children about sickle cell anemia, family and faith lending an uplifting voice to the sickle cell story found in children literature."

-Jessica Brown

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