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Wondering How To Become An Agape Root Advocate?

If you are interested in joining the fight for those diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, consider volunteering with us at our next community event.


Please fill out the attached form and don’t forget to include your name and a copy of your resume so that we can are able to connect with you to alert you to next events in your area.

Fill out our subscribe form to recieve our newsletters and links to virtual events!

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Upcoming Events 2022

Are you a family with a young sickle cell warrior? Apply for our speech blub giveaway to recieve a lifetime subscription to speech blubs, speech development application.

Meet the Founder of Agape Roots Foundation and ask questions about their sickle cell journey. 

We are here to share information and build a community of warriors.

Tune into our Instagram page.

Closes 12.24.2022, 8:00 PM EST (open until all subscriptions have been given away).

01.15.2022, 7:00 AM EST

Join us in solidarity by wearing red an article of red clothing on global sickle cell awarness day and national sickle cell month in the United States. 

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June 19 , September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month

Agape Roots Foundations Partners with OneBlood.


Join Us in donating whole blood across our community in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. 

If you have never donated blood before, come to one of our events and learn how your donation, 5-10 minutes of your day can work to save 3 lives. 

Check our event calander for locations and times.

Speech Blub Giveaway 2022

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